Jefferson Memorial Facts
Year Started:November 15, 1939
Year Completed:April 13, 1943
Cost:$3 million
Jefferson Memorial in the Spring
Monument Designer:John Russell Pope
Architectural Style: Classical Revival
Height: 129ft (39.3 m)
Statue Sculptor: Rudulph Evans
Height of Statue: 19 foot (5.8 m)
Erecting the Statue
Weight of Statue: 10,000 pound (5 ton)
Visitors per Year: 2,312,726 (2005)
Hours Open: 24 hours a day
Location: Tidal Basin, Washington, DC
Admission: Free
Walk around the Tidal Basin
Where exactly is the Jefferson Memorial Located?
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is situated along the banks of the Potomac River in Washington DC, the nation’s capital. It stands in what is designated as East Potomac Park, next to the Tidal Basin and the George Mason Memorial, not far from US National Mall. It is directly South of the Washington Monument and the White House.