Lincoln Memorial Address

The Lincoln Memorial is located next to the intersection of:

Independence Ave SW & 23rd St, SW
Washington, DC 20001

Monument in the foreground

Lincoln Memorial Mailing Address:

The monument and its grounds are managed by the National Park Service. Written comments or queries may be directed to the following address:
900 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20024

Map of West Potomac Park

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial sits on the opposite side of the Mall from the US Capitol in Washington, DC, near the edge of the Potomac River. Its grounds occupy an area next the Korean War Memorial as well as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The monument has been noted for its stunning vista of the length of the Mall—a view which includes the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, and the US Capitol. Below the monument, there is an elevator for handicapped access to the main hall and a gift shop of books, figurines, and photos related to President Lincoln. A number of streets border the grounds including Lincoln Memorial Drive, 23rd Street, and Henry Bacon Drive, NW.

Did You Know?
A monument to America's first slain president was proposed as early as 1865, the year after he was assassinated?
However, it took more than 58 years until construction was completed in 1922.