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Monument Proposal
Pope Plan
The proposed design of the Abraham Lincoln Monument by John Russell Pope in 1912 features an elliptical colonnade with a statue in an open center.

A competing design proposal by Henry Bacon in 1912 has a line of columns with a statue located in front facing towards the US Capitol.

Early Construction
1915 Construction
Construction on the Lincoln Memorial broke ground in 1914. This photo shows foundation and interior walls of the monument under construction in 1915. The foundation was built on level ground and then partly covered with dirt to have steps rising to the main level.

Statue in Pieces
Lincoln Statue In Progress
A 1920 photo of the assembly of the Lincoln statue, which was carved by the Piccirilli Brothers based on a proposal by the sculptor Daniel Chester French.

Marion Anderson
Marion Anderson Sings
In 1939, the opera singer Marian Anderson performs "My Country Tis' of Thee” from the steps of the monument to an estimated crowd of 75,000 listeners. The US Secretary of the Interior offered the venue after the Daughters of the American Revolution prohibited her from performing at the nearby DAR Constitution Hall before an integrated audience.


Lincoln Memorial At Night

Lincoln Memorial Overhead Shot

Lincoln Statue front Shot








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