Pentagon Address

Location Address for GPS:

Intersection of Army Navy Dr & Fern St
Arlington, VA 22202
(The Pentagon does not have an official street address.)
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General Mailing Address:
Department of Defense
The Pentagon,
Washington, DC 20001
Located in Arlington, VA, the structure overlooks the capital city from across the river. Although only five stories high, the building covers over 33 acres of ground making one of the largest structures for office space on the globe. The area includes not only the headquarters for
Washington, DC, in the background.
America's armed forces but also a subway station, a heliport, and a memorial to the victims lost during the 9/11 attack on the building Nearby the facility is the Columbia Island Marina, the headquarters for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Pentagon City Shopping Mall.
Did You Know?
The site for the Pentagon's location was chosen in 1941 to provide more space for a rapidly expanding Department of Defense, which had
The Pentagon's Station Entrance
outgrown its District offices in the run up to WWII. More than 60 acres of parking spaces for staff surround the building. Although not situated in the city limits, the building has been designated 6 Washington, DC, zip codes by the USPS for mail purposes.
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