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Washington DC has over 1000 individual monuments, museums, parks, churches, and federal buildings worth visiting within the city's borders. Many of these buildings happen to be world famous landmarks including the U.S. Capitol Building, Ford's Theatre, Library of Congress, the White House, Smithsonian Institution, the Washington Monument, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Pentagon, and a wealth of other monuments, museums, historic buildings, and things to do.

As one the most historically rich areas in the country, the city offers a chance for travelers to learn and understand the roots of America through experiences that will certainly last a lifetime. Many of the oldest and most important structures are located around the United States National Mall—a rectangular park over 2 miles long—in the center of the city. The oldest standing memorial on the National Mall is the Washington Monument, which was started in 1848. While the US Capitol, started with the laying of its foundation stone in 1793, is considered the oldest federal building (the White House was started later but completed before the Capitol Building). The latest attraction constructed in Washington, DC, is the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial--which was opened with a dedication ceremony in 2011.

With respect to architectural style, many of these structures are listed as the most popular buildings in the United States based on polling by the American Institute of Architecture.

In addition to the many of DC sightseeing opportunities related to our democracy and its history, one has to opportunity to examine Renaissance masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art, experience the beauty of Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, and learn about animals from half way around the world at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Rock Creek Park.

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