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The Washington Memorial stands at the center of the National Mall in downtown DC. The memorial is located at:

Madison Drive, NW & 15th St, NW
Washington, DC 20001

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Built at the heart of the national mall, the Washington Monument lies less than a mile South of the White House, a mile East of the Lincoln Memorial, and a little more than a mile West of the US Capitol.

The Washington Monument kiosk is on 15th street next the memorial. Tickets are available there free of charge for same day tours on a limited basis.

The kiosk building has no storage facilities but does have restrooms for visitors.

Did You Know?
The small knoll on which the monument sits offers a perfect view of the Mall in all directions.
The monument is not perfectly aligned with the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.
Originally, the city's architect L'Enfant had planned for the memorial to be placed directly South of the President's Mansion and directly West of the Capital Building.
However, the soil at that spot proved too unstable to provide the necessary support for the obelisk proposed.
The present day monument is 119 meters southwest of the planned site, which is marked by a stone and plaque called the Jefferson Pier.
Fifty-six US flags are planted in a circle at the base to represent the fifty states and 6 territories that make up the country.

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