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The map shows various structures and areas on the grounds of the White House compound. A number of DC's important landmarks and buildings surround the mansion. To the East are the offices for the Department of the Treasury, the branch of the executive office that handles tax collection, federal budgets, and currency issuance. To the West is Eisenhower Building, which holds staffs of the Executive Office of the President and the White House Office of Administration. To the North is Lafayette Square, which honors General Marquis de Lafayette, a French General who provided aid and advice to Americans during the Revolutionary War. The park also contains several smaller monuments to foreign generals who offered military assistance during the conflict. To the South is an open field called The Ellipse, where the National Christmas Tree is raised each year.
Although the permanent White House Visitor's Center on Pennsylvania Ave at 15th Street has been closed for Renovation, you can see the location of the temporary visitor's center between E and 15th Streets on the Ellipse. Roads such as Pennsylvania Avenue, Jackson Place, and Madison Place to the North and then E Street, State Place, and Hamilton Place to the South of the grounds are open to pedestrians but closed to vehicle traffic.
NPS Map of White House Area and Mall
A National Park Service diagram displays the White House and surrounding areas, which include various monuments and parks.
Early drawing of the area around the White House.
A survey dating back to 1800 shows the streets and grounds around the President's Mansion around the time of the laying of its cornerstone.
White House Grounds
A depiction of area from the early 19th century with the White House in the center.